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The multiplier free spins feature on a slot machine is a unique feature that adds a certain number to the prize amount. The lowest multiplier is 2x and the highest is 100x.

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The majority of online casinos offer unique reward multipliers to encourage user engagement and to advertise newly released slots. Players have the opportunity to increase their winnings by using reward multipliers, which are typically only available for a limited time. If you play a slot machine while the reward multiplier feature is active, for instance, the amount that you win will be multiplied.

The majority of reward multipliers increase the amount you won by two or three times, but some of them multiply your winnings by as much as one hundred! Play a few rounds of slots whenever you go to a casino because there is a possibility that you will win a lot more money than is typically possible on that game if you take advantage of the reward multipliers that are being offered.

Casino slot machines may feature multipliers

In our ongoing effort to make the terminology of casino slot machines easier to understand, we have finally arrived at the topic of multipliers. The answer to this jargon busting exercise is right there in the title, so it's not exactly rocket science. Your wins will be increased by an amount equal to the multiplier's, and this will result in a significant increase to your bankroll.

Naturally, there are a number of conditions that need to be met in order for this to take place, and despite the fact that it is not impossible for multipliers to appear during the standard game, the vast majority of them will do so during the bonus round. The important thing is to know where to look in each specific instance, so let's begin by listing the various kinds of multipliers that might apply when you play online casino games.

Multipliers of the Base Play

Your returns will typically be multiplied by two or three, but in certain circumstances, the multiplier's effect can be much more beneficial. It is more unusual to see multipliers appear in any base game, but bonus rounds aren't the only place you can find them sometimes. When a multiplier is in play during the beginning rounds of any casino slot game, it is likely to be relatively small in comparison to the potential that we find elsewhere. This is because the multiplier is only in play for a short period of time.

As a result, the highest multiplier that we should anticipate seeing during the game's first few spins is either x2 or x3. As was mentioned earlier, their appearance in this portion of a slot game is extremely infrequent, but as we progress through the game, their frequency will undoubtedly increase.

Free Spins Multipliers

The vast majority of video slots come equipped with a free spins bonus round, which is activated when the player lands a predetermined number of scatter symbols anywhere on the game screen. It's possible that during the round there will be a predetermined number of multipliers available to use, or it's also possible that you'll be given a choice of which multipliers to use.

For instance, prior to initiating the free spins round, certain slot games require players to make a selection. This selection relates to the number of available spins in relation to the multiplier that is in play.

You may be asked to choose the lower multiplier of x2, but in order to make up for this, you will be awarded a high number of 20 free spins. On the other side of the spectrum, there is a possibility that you will be able to choose a higher multiplier, perhaps 7x or even higher, but the number of free spins will be reduced to 5.

The above hypothetical scenario is supported by some real-world examples in which slot machines offer a combination of free spins and multipliers. There is also the option of playing games in which the machine chooses the prize for you from a number of different possibilities.

The video slot machine known as the Big Easy, which was developed by IGT in 2016, serves as an excellent illustration of this phenomenon. In this instance, the game's logo serves as the scatter symbol, and the free spins bonus round will begin whenever at least three of those symbols appear anywhere in view. After that, the player receives a predetermined amount in addition to multipliers, and the choices available to them depend on the precise number of scatters that land. The following table provides the best explanation of it.

Possible Bonuses Can Be Awarded If You Have Three Scatters.

  • 8 bonus spins with a multiplier of 2x each
  • 10 free spins with a multiplier of three times the bet size
  • 15 free spins with a multiplier of four times the bet

The possibility of winning a bonus with four scatters.

  • 16 free games with a multiplier of 5x each.
  • 18 free games with a multiplier of 6x each.
  • Twenty rounds of free play accompanied by a multiplier of ten.

The possibility of receiving a bonus when you have five scatters.

  • 22 free games with a multiplier of 7x each.
  • 24 extra turns in the bonus game with an 8x multiplier.
  • 25 free spins with a multiplier of ten times the bet.
As we can see, everything is beginning to get a little complicated, but it is well worth our time to persevere through the game mechanics of The Big Easy and other slots that operate in a similarly complex manner because there are some significant multipliers up for grabs. We've now reached the double-digit mark, and there are 10x wins up for grabs, which means that this is a game that offers excellent value to the fortunate players who are able to land them.

Returning to the more typical scenario of multipliers occurring during free spins, we now present the entertaining Jack Hammer 2 Fishy Business slot machine. There is a free spins bonus available in this game, and it comes with a multiplier that is always set at x2. It is a well-known slot machine and a good illustration, but there are a lot more games that use the more straightforward free spins multiplier system.

It is not uncommon for a player's win during the free spins round to be multiplied by two, and while Jack Hammer 2 is a popular choice, there are other games that may offer more generous payouts. Keep an eye out for the Excalibur symbol because it will multiply your wins by a factor of three whenever the free spins round is activated.

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